Finally this destructive death ritual can be unveiled for all to witness the majestic debut full length album "The Apotheosis of Death". The second hymn of blood and flame 'As the Vultures Descend' is now available as an official lyrics video featured here.

An unholy alliance has been made, forged through blood and flame - worldwide distribution of the CD version of 'The Apotheosis of Death' will be made available through Iron Blood and Death Corp..

All international ordering is encouraged through the above label but do not hesitate, this will be a limited first pressing. Extremely limited copies will be available for Australian and New Zealand hordes and can be purchased from the band itself via Pre-orders for this are available now!

Fall to your knees in despair...the Apotheosis of Death arrives July 5th!

Further Exordium Mors will perform "The Apotheosis of Death" in its entirety over 2 sets at the following release rituals: