Exordium Mors 2014
From Left:
Assailant - 4 String Hekatonkheires' Might, Santi - 6 String Anti-Elysian Power, Scourge Witchfvkker - Voice of Phlegethon and Aegaeon's Anguished Cries, Hades - Uranus' Furious Bombardments, Black Mortum - 6 String Eurytion Chaos and Vengeful Furies' Screams

"Merciless" "Inexorable" "Barbaric"

These are all but words that attempt to describe the unholy force which is Exordium Mors.

Surfacing from the dark plains of Tartarus in 2004; 10 years on the Promethean flames still burn bright with the current lineup featuring Santi (Guitars), Black Mortum (Guitars), Scourge Witchfvkker (Vocals), Hades (Drums) and Assailant (Bass).

A decade of destructive rituals, where blood was spilt and power unleashed both in the studio and on the live front, in our land and on foreign shores has lead towards the unveiling of the debut full length... THE APOTHEOSIS OF DEATH, unleashed in 2014 and already set to become that of legend.

We are Exordium Mors and we will see your body condemned to the flames; your shade forever hailing our name along the pathway towards eternal chaos and battle.


Vaark - Bass 2009 - early 2010
Pierre - Drums late 2008 - early 2010
Courtney - Bass late 2007 - 2008
Mike Demolition
Mike Demolition - Drums 2007 - 2008
Pete - Bass 2005 - 2007
Adam - Drums 2005 - 2006
Adam Dzarowit
Adam Dzarowit (RIP) - Bass / Quality Vodka 2004
Martin Cavanagh
Martin Cavanagh - Drums 2004