1. Titan's Wrath (The Adversary)

Titans Wrath
Onwards towards an Eastern Empire
From the West, my legion roams ominously
Upon ruthless and merciless waves of sands
Inexorable in its pursuit to exhaust us banefully
Misled by an Oracle’s illusive prophecy
Ethereal craft from the Netherworld
Unexpected from this impious country
Bewitched demons arise from the sandy soil
Presence of the dark ones engulfs the light of day
These wicked and lifeless necromantical warriors
Cast their destructive doom of death upon my Centurions
Before my very eyes their pestilence reigns upon us
As one by one, my warriors descend into Hell
Multitudes of blood swarm in a sea of darkness
I put forth to the Dark Gods my supplication
Bound in servitude, thy prayer was answered

Denouncing my gods
Cultivating my hate
Abandoned and left to die
Fury becoming me
Promised bloodshed
And eternal victory
No solstice, no twilight
Just endless suffering

Enslaved by the wrath of the Titans through which I have transcended
Given their gifts of immortality and vengeance, my revenge shall be eternal
To curse the ones who betrayed and left me to die upon foreign sands
I shall spill the blood of the blessed ones and unlock the gates of death…

Titan’s Wrath…

Sworn vengeance – death is upon you
Aphelia will – accursed wrath
Spiritual holocaust – slaughter the holy
I have become the adversary
Wretchedness – the new form of prayer
Merciless death – upon the divine
Transformation complete – conquer the enslaver
A demigod forged through Titan’s Wrath

Unleashed from the grasping hands of death
Reborn like the Phoenix to live out my vengeance
Like a lightning bolt which strikes the moon
I blind the Oracle and rape beyond contempt
In spite of their pathetic pious prophecies
Destroying all Delphian ties to the ones above
Beating Atlas on his knees suffering
Forcing him to recognize my authority


The monarch whom betrayed me
Shall never again stalk the earth
Hades leaving his dominion of the dead
And within his kingdom, I shall find glory
Triumph reigns for the worthy
As the walls of his paradise are rotting
The gates of Tartarus are opening
The signal of the Titan’s victory
And the age of banishment declining

Unleashing the Titans from centuries of exile
Upwards from the sunless abysmal depths
Our shadows casting dark shades onto the golden light
The grand hills of the kingdom Olympus
We break down his gates and rotting walls
Their propriety relinquished in shades of red
As the inchor drowns their golden halls
We as wolves to prey, tear at their flesh
Tasting their agony brings sweet ecstasy
Proclaiming our highest profanation
Their benediction scorned with our impiety
In striking deviance, their pantheon waning
Sacrilege wrought throughout their pompous paradise
The master betrayer bound in chains before me
I spit and beat upon his holy aura of purity
And in abhorrence, behead his blessedness in utter blasphemy

Burning the corpses
The smoke chokes the earth
Through our supremacy
Retribution finally accomplished
In my ascendancy
The pantheon revoked
Plunging the universe into endless suffering

Atlas gives way to our diabolical ideals and kneels before us as a servant
The universe collapses into utter dismay, mayhem and pandemonium reigns
Once I was left for dead, now I am a master of this grotesque realm
An empire forged from tyrants and an epoch of debauchery begins

Titan’s Wrath…

Held in my hands – ashes of adversary
His head – my imperial crown
My wrath - the sceptre that impales my enemies
I have become Titan's Wrath
Beyond life and death – tyrant of the land
Victory and triumph – I am the adversary
Universe in chaos – accomplished by my hand
I am Titan’s Wrath

Titan’s Wrath!

2. Unleash Prometheus

Downcast and exiled like a wanton dog
I have befallen
Fed on daily by your sycophantic lies
Vengeful spirit awoken
No longer bound in chains and fetters
Reborn through hatred
I shall unleash this primordial beast
Abolish all that’s sacred
This bastard yoke cast upon my flesh
Now dust beneath my feet
Enslaved no longer to your limitations
Broken in defeat
Hoping to perish your perverted sanctity
In chaotic cacophony
Through aeons of torture by your hand, I will rise
In triumph and glory

Provoked by endless suffering
Evoked the harshest misery
Driven almost to the point of insanity
Broken and left to die for my belligerency

Begging for death
Powerless and feeble like a broken wolf
Yearning for my demise
Shackled to your monarch of filth
Yet still I endured
My spirit may never be vanquished
And so I lived on
My will can never be relinquished

Bound to this bloody, godforsaken earth
Fed on by parasites
Suffering a million deaths to be reborn
Due to your petty spite
Broken are your deceitful shackles
And soon your will to live
As I arise a thousand deaths stronger
Your name, I will outlive
No longer a servant to your torture
And your fucked absolution
You think I’ll beg like a bonded slave
Looking for your redemption?
Stout and defiant I shall stand to the death
Ablaze your spirit will pay
I shall unleash this fiery Promethean spirit
Nothing will ever stand in my way

Punished for my transgressions
Chained to this earth in a crucifixion
Dieing eternally, only to suffer resurrection
Praying for Death’s sweet liberation

Betrayed and deserted
Like naked daggers in the night
Yet you cannot face me
Cower in your own righteous light
The infallible spirit
Will never succumb to weakness
Unconquerable will
I shall struggle eternally like Prometheus

I have drowned in Promethean fire!
The source of all this strength and power
The cleansing flames shall eternally consume
A living cremation without a tomb
Smouldering ashes is all you will leave
No followers of your worship shall ever grieve

Drown in my Promethean fire!

Merciless I am, as you face this onslaught
Of devastating fury
Powerless and feeble like a broken wolf
You cower before me
Yearning for your demise as you suffer
A prolonged misery
As you flesh burns like a corpse upon the pyre
In puritanical cacophony
Chained to this forsaken earth like I once was
To suffer my torment
A monarch no longer as you beg like a slave
For your descent
Indomitable against your flaming corpse
As you rot in agony
My soul shall stand undefeated and unyielding
Triumphantly ablaze for eternity

Your flaming corpse my victory
As I am relinquished of your servility
A living cremation for all eternity
Your final demise, my jollity

Promethean conflagration
Ignited your path of the subservient
An unyielding spirit
Abolished your hallowed sacraments
Rampant and destructive
As ruinously your soul decays
Forever reigning
Triumphantly ablaze…

Triumphantly ablaze